The Studio

Who is heart tree?

I'd like to tell you a story about how I grew up frolicking through fields of giant sunflowers. Or how I spent summer days waking up next to vases full of freshly picked flowers which helped to feed the pool of love in my soul for everything floral...but I didn't. What I did grow up with was a strong creative heart, and it was busy looking for the right beat to follow. It took my heart years of listening, and once it found the right beat, we knew we were home. Flowers saved me and my wild heart. I'm hooked, and now my life is overflowing with full vases, amazing clients, and beautiful adventures. 

Heart Tree & Co. is a unique design studio specializing in creating abundant and eclectic floral pieces, specifically for your special events or intentions. We are continuously inspired by our clients. Your stories, adventures, memories and love help us to create pieces that are honest and real, and most importantly, a reflection of you. We strive to work closely with you, so that every piece contains a detail of your style and vision. 

We are dedicated to using local product as often as possible and believe in supporting our farmers whenever we can. We look to harvest product ethically, value sustainability, and store our flowers with as little chemical support as possible. Our arrangements and designs never include floral foam, and many of our bouquets are created with drying in mind, so you can keep the flowers from your wedding day well past the honeymoon. 

Whether your intentions are big or small, we look forward to being a part of the festivities and making memories with you.



Your life is peppered with VIP days, and your wedding day will usually make that list. You will want your day to be perfect and so do we. Flowers are an essential part of your celebration. From bouquets and centrepieces to wearables and ambiance, our flowers will be the perfect compliment to your memorable day.

 Services begin at $1,500CAD with packages that typically range from $3,000 - $10,000CAD.


You need flowers. Something unique, beautiful and sent with love? Call us. We have what you need and we deliver.


Calling all business owners! Love your space but are missing a little heart? We have heart! We can custom design fresh arrangements that will arrive on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to add the finishing touches you need to sparkle and wow your guests. We offer custom plans and the service includes delivery, maintenance and vase rental. 


So you don't have a wedding to plan, but a really fancy and fun event? We love styling events as much as we do our weddings. Let us help you design the perfect palette for your get-together using unique arrangements and accent pieces. Prices vary based on event design.

Also looking for a beautiful and intimate event space? Inquire here about The Columbus Barns


Don't be the one to miss another birthday, anniversary, holiday or come empty handed to the annual celebration. We've developed the perfect yearly plan to ensure these special occasions are never forgotten again. Choose five important dates within one calendar year and we'll take care of the rest. On these dates a perfectly arranged floral sentiment will be delivered to your unsuspecting loved one. You win. They win. We win.

$1,000CAD (additional a-la-carte options available)